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Dominican Republic

Follow the unfolding story of your impact in La Union Abajo, Dominican Republic

Donate to the Mission! - or - Take a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Photo Albums

Emerging Leader Ben Sorrells on Good Morning Delmarva

Over the year, Ben Sorrells has participated in a series of mission trips to a village The Bridge listeners across Delmarva and South Jersey have adopted in the Dominican Republic. While there – they’ve helped build up the village and aided in the children’s education.

Local Missions Team Serves The Dominican Republic

For several years, teams from the local areas have traveled from Delmarva and South Jersey to Sosua, Dominican Republic to assist with humanitarian efforts.

Dominican Republic Mission Update - June 2023

School's out for the summer in the Dominican Republic and the kids are ready for summer camp!

La Union is Fully Funded!

Thanks to YOUR gifts of support for children in the Dominican Republic - the Scholarship and Feeding Programs in La Union are fully funded!

Dominican Republic Mission Update - November 2022

The boys in the bakery program are very excited to come and make breakfast every Saturday morning for the discipleship groups.

Dominican Republic Mission Update - October 2022

We couldn't do what we feel like God has called us to do in La Union without The Bridge Family.

It's only a few days away!!

The Crossover CUPS documentary releases worldwide on August 27 at 7:00 pm via livestream on Facebook and YouTube.

Hear Brayan's Story and So Many More

Brayan started attending CUPS DR events at age 12. Now he's a full-time leader of the CUPS Mission!

Dominican Republic Mission Update - June 2022

The Bridge Mission Team of 11 people just returned from serving in the Dominican Republic.

DR Bible School Preparation

School is wrapping up this month and the team on the ground is preparing for bible school to start soon.

La Union Update

Thank you to our Bridge family for your continued support of La Union.

All I Could Do Was Cry

I walked through this village this past week and all I could do was cry. I looked at the progress being made...

A Little Room and Fifty Kids

I remember the first days in the first village. We packed into that little 10' X 20' room with fifty kids and did our best to share Jesus with them. The heat was so intense we thought we were dying, but God was bringing life to a community. Over the years so many of you...

La Union Feeding Program Is Underway

The feeding program in La Union is now underway, with over 70 children being fed every Tuesday and Thursday in the name of Jesus!

Join the 2022 Summer Dominican Republic Mission Trip!

Join the 2022 Summer Mission Trip to La Union Abajo in the Dominican Republic Come join members of The Bridge...

Dominican Republic Supply Drop

Here’s a special opportunity to help the people in the Dominican Republic! There are Bridge Listeners planning to go on a Mission Trip this June 13, 2022 - June 18, 2022.

Congratulations to CUPS Training Center Graduates in Zion

December 2021 The Crossover Cups Mission is celebrating today! Seven children have just completed the requirements and graduated from the...

2022 Love DR One-Day Event Summary

THANK YOU for showing up and giving yesterday! We are so grateful for the generous giving that was placed on...

The Unexpected

What a year it has been! Can you believe that Christmas is almost here already? We are so blessed to have the amazing team of supporters that we do.

Join the Winter Dominican Republic Mission Trip!

Bridge Listeners can sign up to attend the Winter Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic from December 28, 2021 through January 3, 2022.

Virtual Mission Trips!

Let me tell you about an exciting opportunity with the Crossover CUPS Mission. This fall, for the first time, we will be offering a Virtual Mission Trip!

Successful Summer Bible Camps!

Bible Camps were amazing! 198 kids attended bible camp in the village of La Union. The theme Transformation spoke to a lot of the children in attendance.

Dominican Republic Sewing Center and Bakery

The Morning Show received a great call from Kim Willey this morning. A whole team of missionaries from The Bridge is with her in the Dominican Republic helping to finish the sewing center and bakery...

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Update

Three quick updates from the Dominican Republic Mission Team were shared on-air today. We've asked you to pray for the team as they travel and serve the community of La Union Abajo.

Summer Camp in the Dominican Republic!

We can't believe that it's already time to be talking about Summer Camp again! Summer is here!

Meet Yomeris

"My name is Yomeris and I have been in the program for approximately six or seven years. During the time that I have been here, I have learned how I should walk in the Lord."

Meet Frattlys

"Hello my name is Frattlys and I am from the community of Valedor. God is working a lot in this community because at the beginning, it had an evil atmosphere."

Meet Stevens

"I am from Redemption Village, and I am 17 years old. Here we have discipleship in Upper Zion, and the Lord has worked a lot in me. Since coming here with CUPS, the Lord has..."

Meet Kathryn

"The discipleship class takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. We are working with a group of young people and children."