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Local Missions Team Serves The Dominican Republic

More than 8.5 million individuals visited the Dominican Republic in 2022, making it the most popular destination in the Caribbean. Tourism remains one of the most important sectors of the Dominican economy. Sosua is a small coastal town in the North Coast in the Puerto Plata province. Following the event of September 11th, there was a significant decrease in family tourism to the region. With the gap, child and sex trafficking began to overtake the city as a way for Dominican and Haitian families to generate income and to put food on the table. It also made a way for bad actors to capitalize on insecurity of residents. In addition, following the destructive earthquakes in Haiti in the 2010s, many Haitians turned to their neighbors on the island for refuge. With the problems they continue to face, they are searching for answers.

Enter The Bridge, our local Christian radio station broadcasting to Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, and South Jersey.

For several years, teams from the local areas have traveled from Delmarva and South Jersey to Sosua, Dominican Republic to assist with humanitarian efforts. In 2017, The Bridge adopted the village of La Union Abajo, a former sugar cane plantation, located near the town garbage dump. This village is home to many Haitian immigrants and their families who are ostracized from many Dominican communities. Today, there is a community center, a baking center, a sewing center, and an area for hundreds of local children to gather for fresh water, food, and an opportunity to better their lives. This successful community model is thanks to the leadership of Crossover Cups Mission who has built a stronghold in the Sosua communities.

During the most recent trip, over 20 volunteers provided soup, sandwiches and fresh water to women, men and children at the garbage dump. They delivered food and supplies to the six villages where the median income is $100 per month. Volunteers assisted with bible school for the hundreds of children whose parents were searching for scraps, food and supplies in the town dump.

The organization has started “Sewing for Souls” a sewing school and training program to provide little girls in the community with an important skill to create bags, t-shirts, and other supplies that are sold. For each product that is sold, the proceeds are split between the child and their family and the organization to cover operation costs. In addition, each community will have a “Bread of Life” baking program that teaches children how to bake bread, make pizzas, create cupcakes and other pastries that are sold in local stores. In the villages, bread is viewed as a luxury item to complement the daily meal of rice and beans.

How can you help, you ask?

Donate at https://www.wearethebridge.org/make-a-gift/ and dedicate your gift to Dominican Republic

Travel on the next mission trip currently scheduled for January 15-20, 2024. Contact Ben@WeAreTheBridge.org or call 855-887-8870 to learn more information