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  • Love Has Come

    Hi friends and Happy February! This month we are learning about Love. Love can come from many people; your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents, but did you know who loved us first? God! God loves you so much and is with you always. The greatest gift we can give someone is love. What are some things you can do to show a person you love them? For instance, DJ loves to give hugs, help clean up around The Bridge. So, remember, don’t just show someone you love them this month, but every day.



  • 1 John 4:19

    We love because He first loved us.



  • "God Is Love" (I John 4:16)
    Seeds Family Worship
    The Character of God



  • DJ Loves God and Friends Coloring Page

    Click the image to download this month's coloring page! DJ is happy to color with you - take a photo and send it to us by email at info@wearethebridge.org or text at 855-887-8870 .



  • God Loves Me to Pieces

    Materials Needed:
    Printable "God Loves Me To Pieces" Page
    Construction Paper
    Tissue Paper
    Markers, Colored Pencils and/or Crayons

    Click the picture to the left and print the "God Loves Me" heart template.

    Want more of a challenge? You can also make the design from scratch! On a piece of construction paper, write "God Loves Me to Pieces". Then draw a heart in the middle of the paper.

    Whether you choose to use the printable page or create one of your own, next tear up additional colors of construction paper and/or tissue paper into small pieces. Glue pieces of construction paper and tissue paper to the inside of the heart. Then finish by adding any other decorations to your sheet.



  • Bowl of Charades

    Put list of Biblical people, places, and things in bowl.
    Draw a card from the bowl.
    Act out that item until other players guess the item!

    Person - Peter
    Act like you're fishing!



  • Your Talents

    Stewardship is based on the truth that all we have and all we are comes from God. We have the chance to thank God for the blessings He gives us. By giving back a portion of our time, talent, and treasure, we are able to show God gratitude for all He has done and continues to do in our lives.

    God has given each of us special talents. This month we want you to share your artistic talents with us with a Coloring Contest. Once completed, take a picture of your "DJ Loves" Coloring Sheet. Then send your coloring sheet to us so we can celebrate all your hard work with you and maybe even share your talents with others!

    You can send us you coloring page via email to info@wearethebridge.org or text it to us at 855-887-8870.



  • The Adventures of Geraldine Wookins by Karin Kaufman

    Young Geraldine longs to have adventures as thrilling as those in the Book of Tales, the book her papa reads to her and her brother Button at night. More than that, she wants to be brave—a seemingly impossible task in a world where ravens throw black shadows over the earth and wolves prowl barren lands in search of their prey. But Geraldine is a mouse. The weakest of ground things. Why was she, who wants so much to be brave, created by God to be small and quivering?



    • Adopt DJ The Dog

      You can adopt DJ The Dog if you promise to take care of your new pet! The Bridge will send you a plush Golden Retriever with a DJ dog tag and an Official Adoption Certificate and a DJ Coloring Sheet to enjoy.

      Click here to adopt DJ today!