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Devotions with Denise

The Overflow

When I'm in a restaurant that serves coffee in a cup with a saucer I always thought it was to give my spoon a place to rest and catch the coffee when it spills over while being carried to the table.

A Quilt For Remembering

When one of my co-workers was getting ready to move away and begin a new career the rest of us starting planning a party to celebrate her years with us and wish her well in her next chapter.

Friday Nights

Something special happens on Friday nights in the fall months at high school football fields across the country. People of all backgrounds come together to cheer on the home team!

An Empty Cup

We can’t pour from an empty cup. So… why do we try to live like we can? Not enough sleep. Not eating foods that fuel us.

Growth Measurements

When we moved into the home we had built for us - our kids were very young. In fact, our daughter was only 5 weeks old, and our son had just turned 6.

Bloom Where You're Planted

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given is 'bloom where you are planted'.

Oh The Waiting

The waiting room. No one likes the waiting room because no one likes to wait! It’s inconvenient.

Who's Writing Your Story?

I love to read and I have a favorite author. Every time they publishes a new book I put my order in as soon as it’s available!

Worship Like Breathing

If I were to ask "when is your worship service?" you would probably answer Sunday morning… at a particular time.

Service With A Smile

We went to dinner with my parents the other night at one of their favorite restaurants. Keeping company with my family was the best part for me.

Seasons Change

I love the fall season! Aside from the obvious… my fondness for Pumpkin Spice Latte… I also love the feel of the crisp, cool morning air.

One Lost Sheep

Ever lose sight of your child…in a store, at the beach or the park? Remember how you felt? Panicked. Distraught. Fearful.

Clear Plastic Covers

I was watching a movie the other night that started out with a friend sitting down on her friend’s sofa that was covered in clear plastic.

Lingering Longer

When I first began investigating the art of Bible Journaling I invited some of my friends to come with me on the journey and learn together.

Early Bird Specials

What if God offered “early bird specials” to anyone who sat at the table with Him at the start of the day?

Holding Patterns

My friend and I were flying to Cincinnati to be in a mutual friends’ wedding and to celebrate the new chapter in her life.

In The Waiting

Waiting for God to come through for us is tough to do. We live in an instant gratification world.

What's In A Nap

Isn’t it absolute irony that when we are young our parents insist that we need a nap and we will try just about anything to get out of taking one?!

Generous Giving Generous Living

I grew up going to church. We went to Bible study every Wednesday night and to church TWICE on Sundays!

Faithful in Little

There is a teachable moment found in Luke 16:10 (from NLT) that Jesus had with His disciples. “If you are faithful in little things...

The Scent of Stress

Is there something you do when you’re really stressed? My girlfriends always knew when I was feeling the stress because I would come in wearing a brand new perfume.

The Hard Word

One of the hardest words in the English language for me to say over the years might surprise you. It’s just two letters.


When my daughter, Abby, was in the first grade my husband and I received a surprising comment from her teacher at our first parent-teacher conference.

What Is Your Ministry?

Do YOU have a ministry? Perhaps you are serving in one of those capacities. But many of us feel like we don’t fit into one of those five.

Running The Race

If you’ve ever watched a Nascar race you know the bulk of the attention is on the driver. The driver has to have disciplined his or her body for the length and stress of the race.

Live In The Flow

In the region that I live, depending on how close you are to the Atlantic, we are at or just barely above sea level.