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Devotions with Denise

Clear Plastic Covers

I was watching a movie the other night that started out with a friend sitting down on her friend’s sofa that was covered in clear plastic.

Lingering Longer

When I first began investigating the art of Bible Journaling I invited some of my friends to come with me on the journey and learn together.

Early Bird Specials

What if God offered “early bird specials” to anyone who sat at the table with Him at the start of the day?

Holding Patterns

My friend and I were flying to Cincinnati to be in a mutual friends’ wedding and to celebrate the new chapter in her life.

Building A Fort

Did you ever build a fort when you were younger? Building a fort is something we love to do as kids.

A Firm Foundation

If you attended Sunday School or Vacation Bible School as a child you may remember the little song we learned about the wise man and the foolish man.

The Moment To Stand

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, we know as NASA, recently had a pretty exciting day.

The Overflow

When I'm in a restaurant that serves coffee in a cup with a saucer I always thought it was to give my spoon a place to rest and catch the coffee when it spills over while being carried to the table.

A Quilt For Remembering

When one of my co-workers was getting ready to move away and begin a new career the rest of us starting planning a party to celebrate her years with us and wish her well in her next chapter.

Memory Foam

Two years ago, my husband, Ken and I decided it was time to invest in a new mattress. Actually it was well past time to replace our old mattress but the choices online to select a new mattress were overwhelming...

An Inheritance or A Legacy?

The other day I walked in on a conversation that my husband, Ken, was having with our daughter, Abby. I don't know what prompted this topic but I overheard him tell her that if there were certain things she wanted to have when we were gone...

That Detour

I am positive that as soon you hear the word "detour" you are remembering a time when you were on your way somewhere and you met up with that dreaded sign sending you in a different direction than you intended to go.

Secret History

Sometimes I hear someone say something that intrigues me so much I jot it down so I can come back and think about it some more at a later time. Such was the case recently when...

Junk Drawers

I don't remember the last time I cleaned out the junk drawer in our kitchen. The stuff I found in there was unbelievable.

Beneath The Surface

There is something very calming for me to watch ducks on a pond. So gracefully floating around on the surface of the water it looks like they don't have a care in the world.

What Fascinates You?

When my son, Cody, was a baby he was fascinated by ceiling fans. Before it seemed even possible for him to be able to focus his little eyes on anything that far away he would watch the fan swirling around above us.

What's New With You?

It seemed like everyone I visited over the holidays asked me the same question. What is NEW with you?

Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say

Remember that little song from Sunday School? O be careful little ears what you hear. There were multiple verses in that song and this is one I remember...

How Did I Get Here?

It is easy to fall into a pattern. Routines can be helpful. The negative side of routine activity is that we can become numb to our regular activities and interactions with others.

Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit, aren't we? Think about where you sit in your church service. We sit in the same area most of the time, within a row or two, right? And so does everyone around us.

Extra Strength

I reached for the extra strength head pain medicine and I wondered what we did before there was extra strength medication. At some point, someone decided, I think we can do better.

He Is Our Waymaker

My husband, Ken, and I went white water rafting...twice. I considered that I might be in over my head when I was required to sign a waiver before strapping on a life jacket.

Lessons From The Fishbowl

It all began when I agreed to fish sit for a co-worker while he was away on vacation. His little aquarium and goldfish came to my office and after a week - I was hooked! Pun intended!

That's What Makes Us Grow

The smell was atrocious! There was no ignoring it as my friends and I were getting out of the van parked next to the field that had recently been 'fertilized'. My friend Debbie said, "yep - fertilizer stinks but that's what makes us grow!"

Welcome Home

With the wave of his hand and his very loud, yet cheerful tone, our Jewish tour guide, Amnon, could gather us all together with one arm in the air and one word..."FRIENDS"!

Share Your Story

One of my favorite Pastors, Bill Sammons Sr., told me recently, "the most effective way to share Jesus with another is to tell your story of how Jesus changed your life."

I Don't Feel Like It

Working the early hours of a morning show for radio meant that I didn't get to see my kiddos first thing before school so when I did have a chance to get them up, and take them in, it was a treat for me.

You Had No Idea

You had no idea that the smile you gave me helped me feel more comfortable in this space. You had no idea that the meal you paid for reminded my husband and I that God cares...

Content vs. Completion

"I grade students on completion - not content." I'm sure the blank stare I gave the teacher after that comment left her wondering if I even understood English.