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Devotions with Denise

That's Not What I Said

Have you ever been misquoted? Someone blatantly said that you said something and it wasn't at all what you said!

The Time For Prayer

Recently a group of friends and I arrived at a restaurant for dinner and for some reason the hostess could not find our reservation on their schedule.

The Conqueror

When my son, Cody, was about eight years old we took him to a dinner theatre called 'Medieval Times'. If you've never been, it's worth the trip!

Necessary Accessories

What girl doesn't love accessories??!! So if we love a pair of shoes...how many colors does it come in?!

The Real Enemy

Have you ever been walking along and suddenly your heart starts to beat a little faster? The hair on your arms or the back of your neck feels like its standing up.

Prep Time

Prep time is an important consideration for everything. Whether we are planning a dinner, giving a presentation or getting ready for work or an important event...there has to be an allowance for additional time to get ready.

Beneath The Surface

There is something very calming for me to watch ducks on a pond. So gracefully floating around on the surface of the water it looks like they don't have a care in the world.

What Fascinates You?

When my son, Cody, was a baby he was fascinated by ceiling fans. Before it seemed even possible for him to be able to focus his little eyes on anything that far away he would watch the fan swirling around above us.

What's New With You?

It seemed like everyone I visited over the holidays asked me the same question. What is NEW with you?

Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say

Remember that little song from Sunday School? O be careful little ears what you hear. There were multiple verses in that song and this is one I remember...

How Did I Get Here?

It is easy to fall into a pattern. Routines can be helpful. The negative side of routine activity is that we can become numb to our regular activities and interactions with others.

The Gift of Freedom

Remember the joy of wrapping up the last day of school?! From about the time we got back from Easter break...

The Gift of Family

Before the church was formed, before even the idea of clubs and organizations came to be...God created family.

Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit, aren't we? Think about where you sit in your church service. We sit in the same area most of the time, within a row or two, right? And so does everyone around us.

Extra Strength

I reached for the extra strength head pain medicine and I wondered what we did before there was extra strength medication. At some point, someone decided, I think we can do better.

He Is Our Waymaker

My husband, Ken, and I went white water rafting...twice. I considered that I might be in over my head when I was required to sign a waiver before strapping on a life jacket.

Coming Home

There is nothing quite like coming home. Whether it's coming home from a vacation or work trip or just coming home at the end of your work day or school day. Home should be a safe place. Peaceful.

The Rest

Rest. That's been my word for 2022. And I've spent most of this year thinking about it in terms of the action, "to rest".

Shadow and Light

I see my shadow every morning when I am walking into work. The other morning when I saw it I thought of Psalm 23 and verse 4...

Too Good To Be True

I saw a t-shirt on sale recently. Full disclosure: I have been duped more than once by special sales that show up in my facebook feed. In my head I know that if something seems to be too good to be true...it probably is! But this shirt!!


My brothers had a favorite hiding place in our childhood home. All the bedroom doors and the main bathroom door all converged into a short hallway that also had a small linen closet.

Context Counts

Context matters. In fact, context makes all the difference in making sure we have the full intention of a statement.

He Keeps Us

We sometimes sing this song in church. It's called 'Awesome (My God Is)'. The chorus is, "my God is awesome.

It's The Little Things

Don't you love it when you catch all the green lights on the way to work? Or you are putting on a jacket you haven't worn since the Spring and find a $10 bill in the pocket.

Tuning Up

I played marimba and the chimes in our high school concert band. If you've ever heard an orchestra during the warm ups before the orchestra begins you know it can be a chaotic, jumbled fray of noise!

Finding The Best Deals

Sometimes you have to search for the best deals. From a very young age, my mom taught me not to let my eyes get caught up in the front of the store items.

Think On These Things

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Have you ever used that expression with someone?

Measuring Cups

When I cook or bake something I use a recipe. And I never guesstimate ingredients. I want to make sure I'm giving whatever I'm making a decent shot at tasting good when I'm done!


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