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  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep. 22 - Joy in a Wilderness Season (From The Inner Revival Podcast with Monika Kirkland)

    This month the Joy Bringer Challenge is to brag about others....spread joy by championing and encouraging other people! I wanted to use my podcast to celebrate another podcaster, Monika Kirkland and her Inner Revival Podcast. She had me as a guest on...

  • Why Do Christians...?

    Why Do Christians Tell White Lies?

    Is it okay for Christians to lie for good reason? Is it ever okay to lie? Mark and Burt unpack what the Bible has to say about “white lies.”We’d love to answer your questions about Christians, Christian faith, or culture on a future episode!

  • If You Really Knew Me

    Episode 36 - Special Guest - Season Bowers - The Joy Bringer

    If you attended The Bridge’s Bring the Joy ladies conference in January, you won’t want to miss this month’s podcast episode of If You Really Knew Me as Ben and Kim sit down with author, speaker and Joy Bringer, Season Bowers.

  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep 21 - Championing And Celebrating Others With Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton

    Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton joins Season to discuss the Every Woman's Bible, a compilation of commentary and teachings from over 100 women from different faith traditions within Christianity. The Bible aims to address the desire to understand God's purp...


  • Holy Water - Day 12

    Holy Water: A 12-Day Devotional by We The Kingdom

    I have found that sometimes it is difficult to consider God as our Lover. We think of Him as the Holy One, the Father, the Creator, the Savior, even a Friend, closer than a brother.

  • Tuning Up

    Devotions with Denise

    I played marimba and the chimes in our high school concert band. If you've ever heard an orchestra during the warm ups before the orchestra begins you know it can be a chaotic, jumbled fray of noise!

  • Holy Water - Day 11

    Holy Water: A 12-Day Devotional by We The Kingdom

    Sometimes we feel so alone. We can feel like our hope is lost and that we are without a future or purpose. I have even recently had these feeling and doubts. I’ve felt weak and helpless. These are the moments I find the real Jesus.

  • Finding The Best Deals

    Devotions with Denise

    Sometimes you have to search for the best deals. From a very young age, my mom taught me not to let my eyes get caught up in the front of the store items.

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  • The Habit of Gratitude

    When we stop to count our blessings here at The Bridge - we count YOU at the top of our list! Join us as we kick off 2023 by building The Habit of Gratitude.

  • Welcome to DJ's Big Backyard!

    Kid's Bible Lessons, Coloring Pages, Videos, Crafts, and Games - NEW every month in DJ's Big Backyard!

  • CARS For Hope

    You can support The Bridge by donating your car, truck, or boat!

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    They won’t help speed up your commute or keep someone else from cutting you off in traffic, but The Bridge magnets do help you spread the word about The Bridge.

  • Crown Financial Ministries

    The Bridge and Crown Financial Ministries are partnering to bring you encouraging, practical help for your journey.

  • Drive Thru Connection

    Join our easy and fun outreach called Drive Thru Connection. Just pay the bill of the person behind you in line...

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  • Band Together - Night of Unity in Worship

    The Bridge presents BAND TOGETHER - with Jon Reddick, Special Guest Jericho Worship, and Local Worship Bands...

  • Forged Mens Retreat

    Especially designed for today’s man to become closer to God and be equipped for what men are created for. Attend April 12-13 at Denton Camp in Denton, MD!

  • Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour

    Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour, presented by The Bridge on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, MD!