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  • Why Do Christians...?

    Why Do Christians Quote John 3:16?

    I’m sure you’ve seen a sign for “John 3:16” somewhere. Maybe on a bumper sticker, billboard, or the endzone of a football game. In this episode, we dive into the significance of the world’s most quoted Bible verse.

  • StoryJumpers

    Hotel Oscar Mike Echo by Linda MacKillop

    Home isn’t always what we dream it will be.Eleven-year-old Sierra just wants a normal life. After her military mother returns from the war overseas, the two hop from home to homelessness while Sierra tries to help her mom through the throes of PTSD.

  • Bridge Moments

    Denise Thanksgiving 1989

    Is there a Thanksgiving memory that stands out to…

  • Bridge Moments

    Brand New Thanksgiving Song

    When you compare Christmas to Thanksgiving, there…


  • Creatures of Habit

    Devotions with Denise

    We are creatures of habit, aren't we? Think about where you sit in your church service. We sit in the same area most of the time, within a row or two, right? And so does everyone around us.

  • John 3:36

    Word of Hope

  • Extra Strength

    Devotions with Denise

    I reached for the extra strength head pain medicine and I wondered what we did before there was extra strength medication. At some point, someone decided, I think we can do better.

Heard On The Bridge

  • The Habit of Gratitude

    When we stop to count our blessings here at The Bridge - we count YOU at the top of our list! Join us as we kick off 2023 by building The Habit of Gratitude.

  • Welcome to DJ's Big Backyard!

    Kid's Bible Lessons, Coloring Pages, Videos, Crafts, and Games - NEW every month in DJ's Big Backyard!

  • Make Your Family Stronger

    A family is a unit that God put together to provide support throughout life’s journey. All families can look different. No matter what your family looks like, God is working through it...

  • CARS For Hope

    You can support The Bridge by donating your car, truck, or boat!

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    Choose the key tag that’s just right for you – pick from the State License Plate and Frequency combinations.

  • Hurricane Preparedness

    Know where to go if asked to evacuate quickly and how you and your family will get there.

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    You can now stream The Bridge on devices with Amazon Alexa. Listen to your favorite contemporary Christian music, and catch all your favorite shows.

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Photo Albums

  • We Are Messengers Where the Joy Is Tour

    We Are Messengers Where the Joy Is Tour was at Fellowship Bible Church in Sewell, NJ and Eagle's Nest Fellowship Church in Milton, DE!

  • CUPS Extravaganza!

    You LAUGHED with Comedian Mike Williams, and PRAISED with musician Coby James, together at the CUPS Extravaganza! on November 10 at Jesus Love Temple in Milford, DE!

  • Matt Maher's The Stories I Tell Myself Tour

    The Stories I Tell Myself Tour with Matt Maher, and Special Guest Jon Reddick, was held on October 26, 2023 at Chestnut Assembly of God in Vineland, NJ!


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