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  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep 17 - Joy is Peace at Rest with Liz Bagwell

    In this episode, Season introduces Liz Bagwell, a scientist who combines her scientific knowledge with scripture to teach about rest. Liz shares her personal journey of burnout and how she learned to surrender to God's plan for her life. She explains...

  • Why Do Christians...?

    Why Do Christians Pray For Their Food?

    Praying for your food is one of those staple Christian things you do, but why? Is praying for your food important? Find out in this week’s episode.We’d love to answer your questions about Christians, Christian faith, or culture on a future episode!

  • StoryJumpers

    The Real Heros Journal by Joleen Steel

    What does it take to be a hero in God's eyes? 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 tells us we must: "Be on guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong, do everything in love." Welcome to The Real Hero's Project.

  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep 16 - Rest Makes Joy True with Tracy Brown

    In this episode, Season and Tracy discuss the importance of rest and its connection to joy. Tracy shares how rest has become a part of her art and ministry, despite her initial struggle with it. They explore the concept of rest making joy true and th...


  • Nahum 1:7

    Word of Hope

  • Loaves And Fishes

    Devotions with Denise

    You've got to hand it to the mama who packed her little boy's lunch with bread and fish. I mean think about that day when thousands of men, plus women and children, came to hear Jesus speak.

  • Isaiah 49:15

    Word of Hope

  • Psalm 91:14

    Word of Hope

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  • The Habit of Gratitude

    When we stop to count our blessings here at The Bridge - we count YOU at the top of our list! Join us as we kick off 2023 by building The Habit of Gratitude.

  • Welcome to DJ's Big Backyard!

    Kid's Bible Lessons, Coloring Pages, Videos, Crafts, and Games - NEW every month in DJ's Big Backyard!

  • CARS For Hope

    You can support The Bridge by donating your car, truck, or boat!

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    They won’t help speed up your commute or keep someone else from cutting you off in traffic, but The Bridge magnets do help you spread the word about The Bridge.

  • Crown Financial Ministries

    The Bridge and Crown Financial Ministries are partnering to bring you encouraging, practical help for your journey.

  • Drive Thru Connection

    Join our easy and fun outreach called Drive Thru Connection. Just pay the bill of the person behind you in line...

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  • Forged Mens Retreat

    Especially designed for today’s man to become closer to God and be equipped for what men are created for. Attend April 12-13 at Denton Camp in Denton, MD!

  • Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour

    Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour, presented by The Bridge on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, MD!

  • Bring the Joy Ladies Conference

    Speaker Season Bowers and Musician Natalie Layne - Presented by Aspire Leadership and The Bridge - Sponsored by Regional Builders, Inc. and Fitzgerald Salvage and Recycling, and a Special Friend of The Bridge.