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  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep. 26 - The 5 Apology Languages

    In this episode, Season discusses the five apology languages, based on the book The 5 Apology Languages: The Secret to Healthy Relationships by Gary Chapman, Jennifer Thomas. It's similar to the 5 love languages by the same author. She explains that ...

  • Why Do Christians...?

    Why Do Christians Marry Christians?

    What does it mean to be equally yoked to someone? Can Christians date non-Christians? What do you do if you are married to a non-Christian?We’d love to answer your questions about Christians, Christian faith, or culture on a future episode!

  • StoryJumpers

    Our God Is Bigger Than That! by Michelle Medlock Adams and Eva Marie Everson

    Our God Is Bigger Than That! begins as the sun rises on the farm, and baby farm animals face their individual fears throughout the day.All discover a simple truth―God’s much bigger than their fears. As the sun sets on the farm,

  • The Joy Bringer Podcast with Season Bowers

    Joy Bringer Podcast ep 25 - The Journey of Making Amends and Taking Responsibility With Tim Manigault

    The conversation delves into the theme of making amends, taking responsibility, and apologizing, with a focus on personal growth and restoration. It explores the journey of cleaning up a mess, seeking forgiveness, and the impact of personal choices o...


  • Live at The Wheelhouse - Day 1

    Live at The Wheelhouse: A 6-Day Devotional by We The Kingdom

    Every time we sing the second verse of this song, I’m reminded about the depths of my depravity and the magnificence of God’s great love. What a gift to have a Savior who’s willing to welcome us...

  • Prep Time

    Devotions with Denise

    Prep time is an important consideration for everything. Whether we are planning a dinner, giving a presentation or getting ready for work or an important event...there has to be an allowance for additional time to get ready.

  • Beneath The Surface

    Devotions with Denise

    There is something very calming for me to watch ducks on a pond. So gracefully floating around on the surface of the water it looks like they don't have a care in the world.

  • What Fascinates You?

    Devotions with Denise

    When my son, Cody, was a baby he was fascinated by ceiling fans. Before it seemed even possible for him to be able to focus his little eyes on anything that far away he would watch the fan swirling around above us.

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  • The Habit of Gratitude

    When we stop to count our blessings here at The Bridge - we count YOU at the top of our list! Join us as we kick off 2023 by building The Habit of Gratitude.

  • Welcome to DJ's Big Backyard!

    Kid's Bible Lessons, Coloring Pages, Videos, Crafts, and Games - NEW every month in DJ's Big Backyard!

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    You can support The Bridge by donating your car, truck, or boat!

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  • Crown Financial Ministries

    The Bridge and Crown Financial Ministries are partnering to bring you encouraging, practical help for your journey.

  • Drive Thru Connection

    Join our easy and fun outreach called Drive Thru Connection. Just pay the bill of the person behind you in line...

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  • Band Together - Night of Unity in Worship

    The Bridge presents BAND TOGETHER - with Jon Reddick, Special Guest Jericho Worship, and Local Worship Bands...

  • Forged Mens Retreat

    Especially designed for today’s man to become closer to God and be equipped for what men are created for. Attend April 12-13 at Denton Camp in Denton, MD!

  • Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour

    Michael W. Smith's Forever Tour, presented by The Bridge on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, MD!