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La Union Feeding Program Is Underway

Feeding Program in La Union Abajo Dominican Republic is Underway!

The feeding program in La Union is now underway, with over 70 children being fed every Tuesday and Thursday in the name of Jesus!

Samuel and Ysemene have officially opened up the new building in La Union for the Sewing for Souls program and the Bread of Life Bakery program. This bakery serves as a dual-purpose area, not only for teaching baking skills to the children of La Union but also as a kitchen area to give the children and families of the village food and clean water!

Many of you have followed along on the mission's journey for years, so you know that Crossover CUPS has visited the community dump at least 5 days per week to feed those who work there. Since those workers primarily live in La Union, we are transitioning that feeding program to this new building to provide a cleaner, safer environment to feed the people. Eventually, the students who are trained in the baking program will be equipped to make the food for their own community!

Thank you Bridge Family for everything you have done to make this possible! You are a blessing!

Jack Eason, Executive Director and
The Crossover Cups Mission Team