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Dave Hubbard, Weekend Show

Dave Hubbard grew up all over the world. His dad served in the military so his family moved around a lot. His grandparents lived in Bethany Beach and that made the Delmarva Peninsula the closest thing to a home he had ever known.

After graduating from Philadelphia Biblical University with a BS in Biblical Theology and a BA in Business Administration, Dave moved up to the mountains of Pennsylvania with some college friends and started a youth group which grew and grew. It is currently a thriving church. But starting youth groups in small towns wasn’t exactly a cost effective way to live, so it was time for a change. Dave thought he wanted to be a corporate mergers and acquisitions manager which is why he pursued a business degree; but once he realized he didn’t like cities, or corporations, or wearing suits, or shaving, or really caring about money at all, he went a different direction and moved to Lewes and got an amazing dog named Neelix instead.

Back in Delaware, he began hosting local trivia games, which led to meeting Bill Sammons and others from The Bridge. Dave was on air the very first day the Bridge launched, and co-hosted afternoons on The Bridge for a couple months before he took over his own show in the evenings for a few years. Dave stepped back from his 5 day a week show and presently you can catch him on the air every weekend as he also handles audio production for The Bridge.

Dave is married to Candy who works as an overnight nurse so they have a unique schedule.  Working predominantly from home is a huge help in this area and Dave wouldn’t trade his extra free time for anything. Also, if you figure out where the name Neelix came from, congratulations!  You have solved the riddle of Dave’s favorite TV show.

Dave loves to travel! He’s been to all 50 states and almost 30 different countries. Dave loves teaching and has taught summer long middle school class’s called the “art of goofing off” where he taught kids how to make balloon animals, juggle, and understand the design choices and rule sets of board games as well as classes on radio at public libraries all over Delmarva. Dave still hosts local live trivia games every week as well as giving tours at a local production facility. Dave also produces multiple podcasts, some for the Bridge and some as an unconnected side project. His favorite being Random Draw: A Board game Podcast, a comedy podcast where he and two friends review board games they have played together.

Dave is a strange and special human, who always brings a smile to the faces of those around him.

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