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Congratulations to CUPS Training Center Graduates in Zion

The Crossover Cups Mission is celebrating today!

Seven children have just completed the requirements and graduated from the Bread of Life Training Center in Zion!

In this training program, they are taught how to bake things such as bread, pizza, cupcakes, and more! They are not only taught how to physically bake, but also trained in how to use the skill as a means to provide a safe and sustainable income for themselves and their families. They are taught how to run a micro-business. When the students graduate from the training program, they are allowed to rent the bakery, buy the ingredients they use, pay for power usage, and then calculate how to make a profit off of their baked goods!

Most importantly, these children are not just taught practical life skills. All of the CUPS training programs are paired with discipleship classes. These children are spiritually fed by the gospel of Jesus Christ as they are learning how to glorify God with their profession, in their personal life, and in their communities!

Please join us in praying for these students as they take what they have learned and put it to use – both in their life skills and in their walk with the Lord.

You can help us make this a reality for many other children! Just $23 per month can give another student the opportunity to go through this same program, learn to bake treats and food for his community and provide for himself and his family financially. Along with the sponsorship for the vocational training, you will provide access to discipleship programs, personal spiritual counseling, and help spread the gospel among communities in the Dominican Republic!

Thank you for your continued partnership which made this possible!

Jack Eason, Executive Director and
The Crossover Cups Mission Team