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A Little Room and Fifty Kids

Greetings Friends of Crossover Cups Mission!
I am so proud to be a part of this mission with you. It has always been a team effort, and you have been great team players. When other missionaries come to view the work they are overwhelmed with the quality of the programming and what your team has accomplished in these ten short years.
I remember the first days in the first village. We packed into that little 10' X 20' room with fifty kids and did our best to share Jesus with them. The heat was so intense we thought we were dying, but God was bringing life to a community. Over the years so many of you have come and sweated with our team in multiple villages. You know the summer heat too. Best of all you have not forgotten us when you returned home. Thank you for that.
Together we move forward into the next season with hope and joy. We still look at big projects like the new sewing business project with fear, but we hold onto faith. We know how this will help rescue and provide employment for so many girls currently in our program. Thank you for your prayers and support.
Now for many of you, this paragraph can be your jumping-off point. But if you have a spare minute, let me speak to you about legacy. Walt Disney is known for his generosity and love for children. He was also known in the industry as a film cutter. It did not make any difference how many hundreds of hours his animators put in on a scene, if it did not move the picture forward properly, he cut it. Snip-snip, no regrets! Once his animators worked for 240 days on a 4 1/2 minute Snow White scene... 240 days... and he cut it because it was not needed in the story. Ouch. Disney understood the message he wanted to share and made decisions based on the desired outcome. Often I need to cut things from my life that do not lead me to my desired end.
I want my life to be focused on missions of purpose. To do this I have to make choices about how I spend my time and my resources. As a Christian, everything I have comes from the Lord. I am simply a caretaker that is entrusted to grow in value for Him. How about you? We all are investors. We invest our time in mindless television or educational television, mindless literature or literature that builds us up and makes us better people. In the financial world, some of us go for high-risk investments, others for safer low-yield investments. Some of us require a guaranteed rate of return.
You all know that I am not big on asking for money. But as I get older I am thinking more about my goals in life. I am thinking more about my legacy. Not only my legacy before man but my legacy before God. Can I encourage you to make the mission you know and love a part of your will and estate planning? Can I encourage you to look into a charitable gift annuity that will pay you great dividends and help rescue little girls for the kingdom? If you want to talk about how to do that, give the Stateside office a call and set up an appointment with me personally. I am in the midst of doing a Charitable Gift Annuity myself right now. I will tell you what I know about the crazy good benefits beyond the interest and what it can do for a mission. If you have already made Crossover Cups a part of your estate planning, will, or trust, please let us know.
Mike G. Williams