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Bible Believers Community Church

Phone Number: 302-289-6704
Address: 201 Market St, 354, Frederica, 19946
Website: https://www.bbcckentcountyde.org

We believe the Bible. Preaching salvation first through the Blood of the Lamb. We believe every word, every phrase, rightly divided! Quickly stated that means, somethings are for you and I to take literal. Some things are for us to use as an example. The Bible is what God gave us to learn about, who He is, and what pleases Him. Let me ask you, If your significant other gave you a list of "do's" and "don't(s)", that would not feel much like LOVE, would it? It is the same with the Bible. God did not give us a rule book to follow, just to follow the rules. He gave us a beautiful, wonderful Bible that tells us all about Him. So that we can learn what He likes, and what He dislikes, in order to please and satisfy Him for when He calls us home to Heaven. There, He will reward us on how well we have done here, living by faith, in Jesus above!