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Taking Action

I bought my husband, Ken, a gift for his birthday and I wanted him to have it before his birthday. But he sat it on the counter, along with all the other cards that came in the mail before his big day, so that he would have them all to open on his birthday. Technically, the gift that I bought him was already his. But since he wouldn't open the gift he had no benefit, pleasure or concept of value of the gift. Ken could have been enjoying that gift all along if he had chosen to receive it. Instead, it sat on the counter for a week or two, wrapped up and unable to bring him joy.

There are scriptures in the Bible in which God clearly requires that we take action. If you do this...then God will do that. Romans 10:9 is a beautiful example. "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Our salvation came at a great cost, purchased by Jesus' death and resurrection. The work was already done. The penalty for our sins has been met.

There is however something that we must do to receive it. We must confess that Jesus is our Lord and acknowledge that we believe that God raised Him from the grave. It is only then that we are saved. Salvation is a free gift. But we must receive it and walk in it for it to affect us. The good news is that when we do - it changes our lives forever!

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