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Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon by Mark Wainwright


Friday, September 8, 2023 -

When a hot air balloon ride goes terribly wrong, siblings Jenny and Cole find themselves soaring thousands of feet into the cold Colorado sky.

In the basket of the enormous balloon, they must overcome their differences and safely land the runaway hot air balloon. This unforgettable flight will captivate your imagination and inspire your heart.

Join Jenny and Cole on their trip of a lifetime as they learn to overcome fear, exercise faith, and extend forgiveness.

Enjoy this reading of Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon by Mark Wainwright...

Mark Wainwright loves adventure. That quest to see new sights, explore new lands, and meet new people has taken him to all 50 states and over 30 countries. He’s ridden elephants in Thailand, hang-glided in the Swiss Alps, and even been stranded on a small boat in the Bismarck Sea.

But Mark also loves finding adventure through the pages of a book! He especially enjoys reading stories that make him feel as if he is there with the characters and experiencing the action for himself.

For 16 years, Mark led the editorial departments at several Christian book publishers. Then, in 2017, Mark transitioned to teaching professional writing courses at a Christian college in Florida. He now uses his publishing experience to help guide the next generation of writers and editors.

Mark’s writing credits include publication in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, and literary journals. He’s recognized as an outstanding writer, editor, and contributor. Above all, Mark remains passionate about using his writing and editing skills for the glory of God. He encourages his professional writing students to courageously influence their communities through the power of writing.

Learn more about his writing when you visit his website at http://www.Mark-Wainwright.com

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