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The Songs of a Warrior by Katy Morgan


Friday, August 25, 2023 -

For too long, the nation has been weak and divided. For too long, the ancient promises have not come to pass. God's people need a king – a king to make them strong and lead them to victory. Everyone knows that. But who? Who can rule this people?

A man will be chosen. His son will make a devastating discovery. And an unsuspecting shepherd boy will find himself thrust into the middle of the struggle for the crown. Through plots and betrayals, songs and battles, and love and friendship, a nation waits to see what kind of warrior will take the throne.

Enjoy this reading of The Songs of a Warrior by Katy Morgan...

Katy Morgan is the author of novelistic Bible retellings for 8-13s, as well as other resources for children. She's also an editor of Christian books for all ages at The Good Book Company. Katy studied Latin and Greek at university and loves to imagine what it was like to live in the past. Another of her favorite things is helping kids and young people to explore the Bible!

What details would you like parents listening to this episode to know about your platform, credentials, or purpose for writing?

Just what's in the bio really. One thing to add is that youth & children's work is a big part of my life - I used to work in a school chaplaincy team and now help lead our church 11-14s group.

Learn more about her books when you visit her website at katy-morgan.co.uk

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