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The Silver Cup by Dr. Mark Hamby and Lamplighter


Friday, March 24, 2023 -

Meet Emma, a good little girl, who obeys her parents happily. One day, Emma's devotion to obey is overcome by selfish desires and she makes one wrong choice. This one sin opens the door to another and before little Emma realizes it, she is hiding one wrong decision after another.

As we quickly realize in life, our sin does not just hurt ourselves, but everyone around–especially those we love. What will it take for Emma to confess? No matter your age, this beautiful story, The Silver Cup, Illustrated, will leave you encouraged to make godly choices, confess your sin quickly, and keep short sin accounts. See what it takes for Emma to learn her lesson and restore the relationships around her.

Original Story by J.B.E., 1849. Retold by Mark Hamby & Kari Keener. Illustrated by Lorraine Larsen.

Dr. Mark Hamby has done a fantastic job with this retelling – and the illustrations by Lorraine Larsen are exceptional!

For over 30 years Dr. Mark Hamby has been bringing redemptive hope to people who are willing to take off the mask and open their hearts to the life-changing power of the Word of God.

Mark is the founder and president of Lamplighter Ministries, whose mission is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord by building Christlike character one story at a time. Over the past 30 years, Mark has led Lamplighter to publish over 250 riveting stories from the 17th to 19th century, produced over 30 world-class audio dramas heard by millions across 34 countries, and more.

Lamplighter stories are much more than good and wholesome reading. The character traits children assimilate during their formative years are the foundation from which a life of faith in God is built. Inspiring role models found in Lamplighter books demonstrate that outward compliance alone will not carry a child through the stresses and disappointments soon to be faced in adolescence and adulthood.

Learn more about LAMPLIGHTER MINISTRIES and their entire library of dramatized audiobooks when you visit their website at https://lamplighter.net

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