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How to (Almost) Ruin Your Summer by Taryn Souders


Friday, September 23, 2022 -

Top Three Reasons Camp Minnehaha is the worst –

-   The spiders (wayyy too long legs)

-   King Arthur (a rampaging goat intent on my destruction)

-   Victoria, AKA The Diva (an evil cabinmate obsessed with French beauty products and my humiliation)

Chloe McCorkle knew a summer camp where you had to learn a career was a bad idea. She tried to tell her parents, but they just had to go on vacation to Alaska and ship her off to camp for two weeks.

It’s not ideal, but she’s going to try to make the best of it. She might even learn some skills that will help her make money for the new bike she’s been eyeing. But to do that, she’ll need to survive an underwear-eating goat, an invincible spider, and a camp director who’s convinced Chloe is trouble...

Taryn Souders novels have been named to state reading lists, including the Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards, Georgia Children’s Book Awards, Alaska’s Battle of the Books, and many, many more awards!

Her latest book, Coop Knows the Scoop, was a 2021 Edgar Award nominee for Best Juvenile mystery novel. Listen to the StoryJumpers episode featuring Coop Knows the Scoop here...

Taryn lives in Sorrento, Florida with her husband, David, their three children, and two cats—an overly fuzzy Ragdoll named Mordecai and a polydactyl Hemingway named Sebastian—who like to terrorize flies.

Learn more about her books and get a free ACTIVITY KIT when you visit her website at tarynsouders.com

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