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Coop Knows the Scoop by Taryn Souders


Friday, February 23, 2024 -

The whole town is talking about what's buried beneath the playground...

Windy Bottom, Georgia is usually a peaceful place. Coop helps his mom at her café and bookstore, hangs out with his grandpa, bikes around with his friends Justice and Liberty, and is determined to live up to his dad's legacy. Windy Bottom is full of all kinds of interesting people, but no one has ever caused a problem. Until now.

And somehow, Gramps is taking all the blame! It seems like there are a lot of secrets that were buried in their small town after all...

Will Coop and his friends get to the bottom of the mystery and clear Gramps's name before it's too late?

You will love Coop Knows The Scoop if you are looking for:

• Mystery books for kids 9-12

• Heartfelt and quirky stories for young readers

• Kids detective books

• 5th-grade mystery books

Taryn never planned to be a writer— she was a middle school math teacher for a couple of years. But, being a voracious reader as a kid gave her a love for words (and working with middle-schoolers gave her a sense of humor).

It seemed like a good idea to combine the two (words and humor) and voila, her first book was born. Truthfully, the first book was a fluke. She sat down to write a poem about Moses and ended up writing a fraction book about a cow. Who knew?

It worked so well the first time, she has continued to try writing poetry and has ended up with a book each time! Ok. Not really. But, she does enjoy the writing process so much, that she kept with it and has enjoyed some success along the way.

Learn more about her books and get a free ACTIVITY KIT when you visit her website at tarynsouders.com


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