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Beth Fritzeen, Donor Development Specialist

Beth Fritzeen has been a Mom for 25 years, and has been told she makes really good chocolate chips cookies! She is very organized and loves to make lists. But what she likes more is to cross stuff off her lists! Beth is willing to tackle any project, which comes into handy at The Bridge.

Beth came to The Bridge when she was entering a new season of life and looking for somewhere to serve – with meaning and purpose. Connecting and Strengthening is something The Bridge does so well and she feels blessed to be a part of that mission.

Her degree was in communications, so she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be in the music industry! Beth did a summer internship during college in NYC for a music PR firm and had planned to continue on that path, but life often leads us in different directions. She loved that path her life took, but feels blessed to be where she is now.

Beth has three amazing grown children (and one great son-in-law) that all live in the Indianapolis area. And NO – she doesn’t mind the twelve (12) hour drive to see them at all. She does it as often as she can!

In her adult life, she has lived in fifteen different homes, in nine different sates, and one other country. This is the first time she has lived in the same state as her sisters since they all lived at home!

Fun fact – Beth worked at her college radio station and actually did The Morning Show! She loved to start her show with Amy Grant’s “I Have Decided”. Beth loves any and all things home improvement and DIY. She loves to create “the look” for less!

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