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Feed Your Faith Application

Feed Your Faith will be Friday, February 18, 2022!

Sponsored by Mountaire Farms


Feed Your Faith is an event designed to re-stock your non-profit food pantry. The heart of both The Bridge and Mountaire Farms is to come alongside you and strengthen you so that you can continue to care for the communities you serve. Your non-profit can pick up fresh chicken and shelf-stable food items on Friday, February 18th from 9 AM to 12 PM at one of two locations:

  • Allen Memorial Baptist Church in Salisbury, Maryland
  • Crossroad Community Church in Georgetown, Delaware

In order to be considered, you MUST pre-register using the form below.

Sign Up Your Faith-based Nonprofit to be part of Feed Your Faith!

Please submit the information below so we can contact you with notice of approval and again with additional instructions at the end of January. How is the chicken packaged? Each case of chicken is:

  • 40-pound cases
  • Each case contains 4 individually sealed 10-pound bags
  • Boneless White Meat (breast/tenders or a combination of the two depending on what product is most readily available in February).
  • Fresh processed

Note: You must have appropriate vehicle space, coolers, etc. to safely transport FRESH chicken and non-perishable food items; and, you must have the freezer/fridge space to safely store it.

The Bridge may contact me by:


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