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The Good News

I can't imagine how Mary Magdalene must have felt when Jesus died on the cross. The One who had utterly changed her life, spoken and shown only love to her & everyone around her. He healed everyone who came in search of healing and then some. How could it be that her beloved Jesus was no longer with them?

I imagine there was not much sleep to be had in the hours that followed after Jesus' body was laid in the tomb. The trauma of watching the One she loved with all her heart be condemned, beaten & pierced, mocked, hanged on a cross and left suffering in agony for hours had, no doubt, left Mary in shock, numb to anything but her next breath.

That is why it is no surprise that once the Sabbath had ended, before the sun had even begun to rise, Mary & the other women were on their way to the tomb, with the spices they had prepared for Jesus' body. Imagine their shock, panic even, that the tomb was empty. Where was Jesus?  Luke 24 tells us TWO men suddenly appeared in dazzling robes and told them, "He is not here. He is risen from the dead!"

Terrified at first sight, the ladies were reminded that Jesus had told them he would rise again. Then, Luke said, they rushed back to tell his disciples, and everyone else, what had happened. Today we celebrate that the tomb is empty. Jesus is risen and He is alive indeed! Who will WE hurry to tell the Good News to today?!

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