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Collecting What's Important

I love to collect certain things. If I love them and they bring me joy....why not??!! I remember buying my first Longaberger basket. Pretty. Functional. Valuable. I LOVED it! And I decided to buy more - thinking the value would only increase and...I could pass them down to my children.

Well, I now have quite a collection of functional, not so valuable baskets...and my daughter has ZERO interest in inheriting my collection! I understand. She didn't live through the era of brass tags and limited edition collecting and hostess credits. And honestly, they are a BEAST to keep dusted!

We all tend to collect things. Either for pleasure or sentimentality, things become valuable to us. But nothing compares to the treasures we must be focused on storing up in heaven. No baskets. No jewelry or artwork or baseball cards. There's nothing wrong with those things. But they can't be our priority.

Matthew 6:19-21 in the Passion Translation tells us,“Don’t keep hoarding for yourselves earthly treasures that can be stolen by thieves. Material wealth eventually rusts, decays, and loses its value. Instead, stockpile heavenly treasures for yourselves that cannot be stolen and will never rust, decay, or lose their value. For your heart will always pursue what you esteem as your treasure."

Your heart will always pursue what you esteem as your treasure. Wow. Heavenly treasures. If you are hearing my voice or reading this now....YOU are heaven's greatest treasure. That Jesus lived a sinless life here on earth, bore all of our sins on a cross, died and rose up to live again is how you and I can live forever in heaven!! Sharing His story with as many who will listen and believe...now THAT is stockpiling heavenly treasures that can never be stolen!

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