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Dominican Republic Pandemic Response

Can you hear me? Maybe I should take my mask off so you can hear me...

Wow, these last few months have been interesting! Like many of you, our stateside team has been working remotely, but now we are slowly beginning to regather as a team to move forward. All of our summer trips have been postponed because of Covid-19, but the ministry on the ground continues.

Daniel and our phenomenal team of missionaries have not missed a beat meeting the needs of the children and families in the Dominican Republic since this epidemic started. They continue to minister in each village, utilizing small group bible study, phone calling, social media, and other tools to help the children in our programs stay engaged.

Additionally, distributing food has been a major priority because of the lockdown and many of our families not being able to work. For a more detailed update, be sure to watch our LIVESTREAM Video below, recorded on June 7th.

One of the incredible things that are happening during this time is people coming to faith in Jesus as Daniel and the missionaries distribute food. Recently, in our mountain village, the team had the opportunity to hand out Bibles along with food.

When the Bibles were handed out, one of the people said, "This Bible is for me??" Daniel replied, "Yes, it is for you." "For me??," the young man replied. "Yes, this Bible is for you!" said Daniel. God is using our team, and you as partners are making it happen.

Your gift now is significant when it comes to providing emergency food relief. Thank you for whatever you can do as the team distributes food for the body and the soul in Jesus' name.

Jack Eason,
Executive Director

The Crossover Cups Mission