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Beneath the Hood by Valerie Fentress


Friday, March 25, 2022 -

Beneath the Hood is a familiar tale woven with biblical truth.

Little Red stands with a basket in hand, and the dark forest stretches out before her. She is afraid of what might be in the forest, but the King has given her this path to walk.

Her sister stands beside her to remind Little Red that she is a Child of the King, and she won’t be alone.

Once inside the dark forest, Little Red meets a Wolf with many questions. The Wolf doubts she will finish the King’s errand, but Little Red keeps moving along the path.

Distractions and the Wolf tempt Little Red to step off the path every few steps.

Can she remember who she is to finish the King’s errand?

Author Valerie Fentress writes children's books for all ages, seeking to challenge her readers to look at the world around them and find God's love reaching out to them. She hopes to communicate biblical truths through simple stories. Valerie wants everyone to look at familiar things and find the truths and secrets hiding within them. Beneath the Hood is her debut children's book.

Valerie lives in Texas with her husband and three boys, who challenge her daily to find joy between imagination and chaos. While in college, Valerie trained a service dog. She loves both Star Wars and literary classics like Pride and Prejudice equally. She is an amateur gardener!

You can find more of her books and thoughts at ValerieFentress.com


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