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Let Me Tell You About My Jesus

My dad was a pastor, and often counseled couples who were struggling. The situations were different, but his counsel was the same: work on your relationship with Jesus, and as you draw closer to Him your marriage will improve. Dad always said Jesus healed people not marriages. And once people are healed, so are marriages.

For that matter so are all relationships. And addictions. And so on.

There was a phrase popular in the 70's that said “Jesus is the Answer!” I remember someone asking me once, “So what's the question?”  I told them it didn't matter what the question was. Jesus is the answer.

Bridge artist Anne Wilson shares that sentiment with her hit song “Let Me Tell You About My Jesus”.

Who can wipe away the tears
From broken dreams and wasted years
And tell the past to disappear
                 Let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus

And all the wrong turns that you would
Go and undo if you could
Who can work it all for your good
                Let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus

Who would take my cross to Calvary
Pay the price for all my guilty
Who would care that much about me
                Let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus

Our belief that Jesus is the answer drives everything we do at The Bridge. In fact, our mission is to “Connect people to Jesus and strengthen their lives.” We do it by telling people about Jesus.

You won't hear us talk about things that frequently divide people because we think this world is already too divided. We want to spend our time talking about the One who can unite us. Winning arguments rarely, if ever, wins people to Christ. So, let me tell you about my Jesus.

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His love is strong and His grace is free
And the good news is I know that He
Can do for you what He's done for me
                Let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus

And let my Jesus change your life

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