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God Is In This Story

I was sitting alone, outside a small coffee shop in Old Riga, Latvia, staring at a huge metal rooster perched on top of an old stone church. And by 'on top' I mean over 400 feet in the air, easily the highest point in the old city.

I had walked by that church every day for a couple of weeks. I noticed it was called St. Peter's Church, and they built it in the 1100's. But I couldn't figure out why there was a rooster on top.

Then it occurred to me.

St. Peter had denied Christ, as foretold by Jesus himself, three times before the rooster crowed (Luke 22: 54-62). So, somebody decided that they'd name a church after Peter, and mount the symbol of his biggest failure on the top of it.

I sipped my coffee and thought about how unfair that was. And then I remembered something I heard a pastor say years before. No doubt, almost every morning for the rest of his life, Peter heard a rooster crow. And every morning, Peter had to decide if he was going to remember his denial of Christ. Or, if he was going to remember the unmerited grace and forgiveness Jesus extended to him.  

I'm betting he chose grace and forgiveness. Peter's best days of ministry were still ahead of him.

How about you? Perhaps you have chapters in your life that don't make sense right now. But remember, the Author isn't finished writing your story.   

Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave encourage us with their song “God Is In This Story” that God is in the details. Even in the broken parts. And when we are at our weakest and in the highs and lows, He goes before us, and He is in our story. He is in YOUR story.

As I sat down to write this letter to you today, I received an email from a listener named Ashley. Five years ago, Ashley was at her lowest point. She told us she was at rehab - broken, alone, hopeless, and a 'chained slave to alcohol addiction.' Someone had given her a small clock radio, and as the sun came up that morning, Ashley heard a song on The Bridge that spoke to her heart, and she invited Jesus to help her write the rest of her story.  

As a financial supporter of The Bridge, YOU are part of Ashley's story. Even though you may never meet them on this side of heaven, you are a part of the story for thousands of people in our communities who turn on The Bridge every day for hope and encouragement.  

This October 18-19-20, we'll share more stories during our fall fundraising event. We’d love to share your story too! We'll also be asking for your financial support to help keep The Bridge on the air. We trust Jesus to provide our resources and we love that so many people choose to invest in this ministry.

God is in your story. He is in our story. He is in the story of people who don't even realize it yet. Your financial support will help us share this important message with them.

The Bridge is 100% community supported and your gifts to the ministry are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!


Bill Sammons

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