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Dominican Republic Bakery First Fruits

Recently, I was talking with our Director on the Ground, Daniel Solarez, and he shared with me a story. One of the things that we do for each child in our program is offer them the opportunity to learn a life skill. In the village of Zion, along with the Sewing for Souls program, we have a bakery program.

Some of the young ladies and young men are learning to bake cupcakes, pizza, and bread, and some of them have also been set up with micro-businesses to learn how to run their own small business. For two of the young men, they have been doing extremely well and use the bakery on certain hours to make food to sell in their communities.

They are "charged" for their use of electricity during the time they use the bakery as well as the supplies they use and they set the prices on the food they sell. They are truly learning some business skills that will help them. These two young men have done very well, and been working very hard building up a business in the community and learning the skill of baking. Not long after they officially started their micro-business, they returned to Daniel with an envelope full of pesos.

"Daniel, we want to give this to you," they both told him.

"What is this for?" Daniel asked.

"God has blessed our business and we want to give some of the first fruits back to Him for blessing us," they replied.

Daniel was surprised at the maturity of these two young men. When he told me this story, I began to weep thinking about what God is doing in the hearts of young boys and girls in the village.

The property in La Union Abajo which The Bridge listeners helped pay for has continued to improve. It now has a house on the property so that our missionary can live among the people full-time. In the future, that property will also be home to a bakery and sewing center - similar to the property in Zion.

Thank you for the significant impact that you make with every gift that you give. You are causing big things and little things to happen in the hearts of the children in the Dominican!

Thank you!

Jack Eason
Executive Director

The Crossover Cups Mission